His Presence - “A Culture Shifting Vision”

Our Vision is to create a culture that values intimacy with God above all else.

  • Everyone is a vision caster
  • Host the Presence of God Everywhere


His Mission

Our mission is to be BRAVE.

Are you Brave? - Bringing Redemption And Value to Everyone


Jesus told us to GO and make disciples and baptize them in His name. We need to know God intimately so we can have something to bring out with us. Let’s bring him into every relationship and partner with him in bringing Heaven to earth.


Redemption comes from the power of Jesus perfect sacrifice on the cross and victorious resurrection. Redemption means we can rise to new life with Him! This is the best news around - who are you sharing it with?  Jesus mission was bring liberty and freedom 


Our VALUE comes from who God says we are not what we have done or who others think we are. The Gospel gives us a new Identity as sons and daughters of God. Redemption and Value are synonymous with Gospel and Identity. You can not have one without the other! 


Jesus loves everyone. Every person God brings us in contact with is a part of our mission to advance His Kingdom.

Core Values

Intimacy with God

  • Our number one priority is our personal relationship with God. Our first ministry is to God with extravagant joy and gratitude.
  • Hosting the presence of God
  • Moving in the gifts
  • Learning to feed yourself daily
  • Prayer - focused
  • “On earth as it is in heaven”

Unifying God’s Kingdom (Unity)

  • Unify Muskegon Churches
  • Work together to build God’s Kingdom, not our own. 
  • Humility and grace to serve underneath other Christian organizations doing things well. We don’t need to change the city by ourselves.
  • Unify to reach other core values effectively.    

 Community Focused

  • Serving 
  • Investing in non-profits with money, time, and people
  • Conversion Growth - Not Transfer Growth
  • Serving a city, not just a church
  • Focused on creating a vibrant family of disciples


  • High risk faith driven decisions
  • Give money and people to new missions
  • “We want to be a church that gives itself away”

Future Oriented

  • Leadership Development - Future Leaders are: Christians, Humble, Teachable, Friendly
  • 5 year goals
  • Church Plants, Fresh Start Ministry, City Transformation
  • Where are we going? What are our goals? How can we get there? Are we challenging future leaders?


Lead Pastor - Nick Wagenmaker

Spouse: Abbey Wagenmaker

Hobbies: Woodworking and Basketball

Skills Nick wishes he had: Rapping, Photoshop, Teleportation



Associate Pastor - Nate Johnson

Spouse: Sara Johnson

Hobbies: Weight-Lifting, Family Time, Reading

Skills Nate wishes he had: Singing, Building Things